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PBC Tech is developing game-changing, ultrathin supercapacitors to enable revolutionary, system-level power and energy solutions. With the PowerWRAPPER product line, companies can select smaller batteries without compromising energy or peak performance or posing any safety risk.

Our supercapacitors enable power and energy management to be a product-level value proposition with smaller size, greater energy efficiency, longer runtimes and all in a patented form factor that fits today’s industrial design needs.

PowerWRAPPER™ is an ultrathin supercapacitor product line of 1 Farad and lower cells and will be available in 2018.  This breakthrough, ultrathin supercapacitor has the potential to define entirely new form factors and performance point for a wide range of industries currently supported by lithium batteries.

Wireless mobile devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, wireless sensors for Internet of Things, and a host of other devices that currently use small lithium batteries are all potential markets for PowerWRAPPER, which will be the industry’s thinnest, pattern-able supercapacitor at voltages designed to match battery and system operating voltages.



PBC Tech’s technology is based on never-seen-before combinations of supercapacitor energy and power densities, combined with ultrathin footprints and placement options. A supercapacitor-based power array delivers multiple, system-level functionalities simultaneously for meeting cost, size and performance requirements in demanding applications.

Providing new energy and power management systems that can integrate with products in ways that were not previously possible, PBC Tech products will change the way the world thinks about energy and power management.