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The PowerWRAPPER™ Supercapacitor Product Line

  • Ultrathin <0.4 mm for 4.5V device
  • High Cycle life – 100,000s cycles
  • Form factor flexible – shape to fit in your device, folds, bends or cut outs


The PowerWRAPPER™ product line consists of the industry’s thinnest, patternable supercapacitor devices at voltages designed to match battery and system operating voltages.

The first generation product has industry-leading energy and power density in a never before available thinness profile, < 0.4mm for a 4.5 Volt device.

The ultrathin, conformable and non-prismatic form factors allow for easy fit around or between batteries and other structural components in electronic devices.

PowerWRAPPER™ is an interstitially placed LocalEverywhere™ power plane with stable voltage and clean pulse power at all points wherever pulse power is needed.

Commercial production scale up is in progress with a well-established strategic manufacturing partner.

Environmentally friendly product: Supercapacitor technology uses activated carbon, paper or polymer separators, electrolyte and aluminum foil. The PowerWRAPPER™ products are RoHS compliant and do not have the toxic heavy metals found in many batteries.

Based on this exciting product line, the company is developing novel system level solutions with the following benefits:

  • Enables integration of advanced high energy battery chemistries especially enhancing peak performance of used or aging batteries
  • Enable high power with a smaller, high-energy battery
  • Allow for asynchronous power pulse demands to be met easily using a cheaper or smaller battery, enabling better user experience for high power modes with longer battery run time