Energy Storage and Supercapacitors 2017-09-11T15:10:16+00:00

Supercapacitors for Energy Storage

  • Electrons captured and stored in capacitive field
  • Very high rates of recharge and discharge possible
  • High cycle life

The company’s products, as supercapacitors, store electrons in a capacitive field with very high efficiency, high rate charge and discharge cycles (interchangeably called an ultracapacitor or an EDLC – electrochemical double layer capacitor). Electrons are stored in a capacitance field and discharged on demand, making for a fast, rechargeable device that can store and deliver peak power pulses with very high cycle life (millions of cycles).

The PowerRESPONDER™ product line is a hybrid-supercapacitor or pseudocapacitor. This hybrid cell stores energy in both Faradaic and capacitive modes, making for a higher energy density closer to lead acid battery energy densities, with very fast recharge, like a capacitor. It is much safer than a lithium battery as seen in the safety testing video recordings.

Supercapacitor technology has been developed over the last forty years but has only recently gained broad commercial acceptance with rapidly growing multi-million dollar markets where devices with many charge-discharge cycles and pulse power are needed, ranging from wind turbine controls, hybrid commuter buses and cars, to the high tech electronics industry.

Supercapacitor cells are typically about 2.7 volts for symmetric standard supercapacitors but can be up to 4.5V for hybrid supercapacitors.

Pulse power management in particular, is most efficient when peak power is stored right at the site of demand and the entire system can be made smaller and more efficient. The PBC Tech’s supercapacitors have ultrathin and shapeable form factors that allow them to be LocalEverywhere™ and opens new market value propositions in many applications.

Click here for our PowerRESPONDER product line, available now, for applications in enterprise computing energy storage, wearables and Internet of Things wireless sensors, consumer electronic appliances and other markets.

Click here for more details on our PowerWRAPPER™ platform and product line.