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From Enhanced Supercapacitors to System Solutions

  • Proprietary materials processing for the industry’s thinnest supercapacitor devices with high energy and power density
  • Patented unique supercapacitor cell designs and application-specific innovative placements in devices
  • Ability to fabricate supercapacitor cells to fit into or around existing structures

The electronics industry is driven by densification of components and demanding engineers and customers who are constantly pushing the limits for larger, brighter screens, longer wireless range, longer runtime and slimmer packaging.

PBC Tech supercapacitors can wrap around components and deliver peak power pulses where required, reducing battery peak draw and allowing the battery to perform more efficiently.

The higher volumetric energy and power densities available in the industry’s thinnest 4.5V device, PowerWRAPPER™, makes it possible for the first time to use a supercapacitor with a battery for a net gain in effective volumetric energy density of the battery. The future of more efficient clean power management with lower cost and high performance, is our product roadmap.

The company has several issued patents and many ongoing patent applications on the technology platform.

Please contact a PBC Tech representative for more information and how these capabilities can support your design’s needs from time-to-market, BOM cost and count, etc.