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Safety Demonstration Videos

Safety in energy storage devices is becoming a higher priority for consumers and others as a result of increased news coverage of incidents of lithium ion battery explosion and self-ignition. Many of our customers use lithium-ion batteries and are familiar with the related safety test standards and regulatory or industry certifications such as UN/DOT 38.3, IEC62133, UL 2054.

Hybrid supercapacitors, such as the PowerRESPONDER product line, are exempt from or do not fall under these lithium battery regulatory shipment restrictions or test standards. The PowerRESPONDER is a UL (810A) certified supercapacitor product line having passed all required tests for supercapacitors.

However, in order to establish the behavior of this product line under abnormal and extreme conditions, several safety tests were conducted. The electrical tests included a short circuit, overcharge, and forced discharge tests. The four physical tests performed were: crush, penetration, drop, and thermal shock.

There was no explosion or fire as a result of the extreme conditions or trauma. Specifically in the crush and nail penetration videos shown below the RESPONDER cells do not show any dangerous reaction, whereas lithium batteries have burst into flames or have explosive reactions when penetrated or crushed in this manner. The results of these tests lead one to acknowledge the PowerRESPONDER is a safe product under normal usage and under extreme conditions of these tests, including physical damage.

PowerRESPONDER Safety Test – Nail through the cell

PowerRESPONDER Safety Test – Crush

PowerRESPONDER Safety Test – Short Circuit