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The PowerRESPONDER Hybrid Supercapacitor Product Line


Product Line Data Sheet

The PBC Tech PowerRESPONDER hybrid supercapacitor product line provides a range of high energy, high power storage devices that offer a number of distinct benefits:

  • High energy density >120 J/cc hybrid supercapacitor
  • SuperFast recharge (less than 3 min for full charge)
  • Form factor compliance to flat surfaces for placement anywhere
  • Very low leakage current for energy harvesting applications
  • Safe for shipping and environmentally cleaner (no nickel or cobalt)

PowerRESPONDER Cells ranging from 130 Farads to 14,000 Farads are in production and available for purchase now – see the product line data sheet for more details.

Production cells available for purchase now

PR200Farad PR340Farad PR800Farad PR3000 PR9000
200 Farad 340 Farad 800 Farad 3000 Farad 9000 Farad
2.0 mm thick 3.0 mm thick 5.7 mm thick 2.3 mm thick 5.0 mm thick

To buy production samples (minimum order quantity of 5 cells):
contact Michael Leiber at
Ph: 518-720-0990 x 112
Mobile: 518-421-6404
(or place inquiry using form at right)

What size fits your need?

Applications of PowerRESPONDER

  • Backup power in enterprise computing applications where high reliability and energy density is mission critical
  • Industrial portable tools where high availability is required with rapid recharge
  • Wireless sensors, IoT (connected devices, internet of things) with energy harvesting due to high safety, no disposal or maintenance required for life of product
  • Handheld portable tools, equipment in industrial, medical applications
  • Toys, fast charging for short term use…
  • Lead acid battery replacement – 3X to 5X longer cycle life, 30% greater energy density and higher efficiency in energy storage cycling (95% compared to 65%)
  • Distributed energy and power decoupling in automotive electronics applications


PowerRESPONDER Safety Testing Results

Hybrid supercapacitors, such as the PowerRESPONDER product line, are exempt from lithium battery regulatory shipment restrictions and do not fall under lithium battery regulatory test standards. The PowerRESPONDER is a UL (810A) certified supercapacitor product line having passed all required tests for supercapacitors.

However, in order to further establish the behavior of this product line under abnormal and extreme conditions, several safety tests were conducted. The electrical tests included a short circuit, overcharge, and forced discharge tests. The four physical tests performed were: crush, penetration, drop, and thermal shock.

There was no explosion or fire as a result of the extreme conditions or trauma. The crush and nail penetration videos are be viewed here.

The results of these tests lead one to acknowledge the PowerRESPONDER is a safe product under normal usage and has no risk of fire or explosion even under extreme physical damage. A detailed safety report is available on request by sending email to info@pbctechco.com.

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