PowerRESPONDER™ Product Line

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PBC Tech’s Supercapacitor Products

  • Space saving for smaller, thinner products
  • Higher power and extended range functionality for better user experiences
  • Relieve battery anxiety

The Company’s power storage and delivery solutions are based on its industry-leading thin supercapacitors with high energy and power density. The company has two product lines that fill in the energy and power density gap between batteries and capacitors. Supercapacitors can be used to complement/enhance or replace batteries and traditional capacitors.

For the first time, these products present a volumetrically effective way to separate power and energy for better batteries in more compact and capable products.
The company’s PowerRESPONDER product line has a fully developed system integration solution that manages the charge and discharge functions, monitors the cell for real time state of health and has also predictability of upcoming cell failure weeks or months before it occurs, providing ultra-high reliability energy and long life in high temperature environments.

The PowerRESPONDER™ has available production prototypes and evaluation boards available in our early access program.