Paper Battery Company Changes its Name

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Paper Battery Company Changes its Name

Paper Battery Company is changing its corporate name to PBC Tech, effective immediately.

We are very excited to officially launch our new corporate identity with a name that aligns more closely with our value proposition and our focus on providing leading-edge
supercapacitor-based products. Check out our website (

Our vision for the future is a world Powered By Capacitors, which provide the performance and safety standards our digital lives demand.

The Board of Directors for Paper Battery Company approved the rebranding and we will implement it immediately. The rest of our operations will stay the same as before.

Supercapacitors enable companies to use smaller batteries without compromising energy or peak performance and our patented form factor solution allows for revolutionary size changes in wearables, accessories, and mobile electronics.

The PowerRESPONDER product line is a UL-certified hybrid, high-energy supercapacitor technology, that is in production and shipping now. The 5X to 8X higher energy density over larger bulky supercapacitors allows for a much smaller volume and weight for our customers to win more market share with products that fit. These products are replacing existing supercapacitors and in some cases lithium batteries with a safer, long-lasting, fast charging solution.

PBC Tech’s innovative business model and technology has captured industry attention with awards such as the “startup of the year” from the Consumer Technology Association, innovation awards at CES 2015 and as a TIE50 2013 awardee as well as multiple competitive awards from NY State Energy and Research Development Authority.

PBC Tech remains a New York-based start-up company with a game-changing, ultrathin, supercapacitor that provides the energy density, form factor and safety required for next-generation power and energy solutions.

Contact for further details.